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I don't lie -- I make generously excessive excuses.
It happens to the best of us, yes? It can certainly turn into a fatal flaw, but fortunately for me, I've managed to overcome it these past few weeks (hence the obvious delay of... everything). Without going into great detail, I just want to mention that things are back on track once again. I have my means together.

Saying all is well would be a false statement, but regardless, I'm happy with where I'm at right now. And hopefully without sounding conceited, I know where I'm going, and these past-tense delays have made me stronger than ever.

Lots of good stuff on the way, with a hopefully more engaging entry down the road.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics today. As much as one can criticize China about their policies and methods of operation (though under the right circumstances, one can see relatively any country in a negative light), I was very moved by their presentation of the event. It certainly renewed my faith in the idealism of the Olympics; uniting the world regardless of what divides us.

Snagged up a few classic records at a local flea market earlier. Two Elvis, two Frank Sinatras, one Nat King Cole, Cher, a Wille Nelson, Dionne Warwick, and one from the Carpenters. I purchased a few others for my grandparents, but with this delightfully splitting headache I have, can't spark 'em up right now.

As terrific and utterly awesome it is to discover the preceding, I'm actually pretty stoked about my Moody Blues "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour". That's always been a favorite album of mine.

Anyway, I'm plotting away at plans for the next few months or so, particularly Halloween and a handful of birthdays. So, off to jot.

Comment Prompt Do you ever listen to/purchase vinyl? If so, do you prefer it to modern formats (eg. compact discs, mp3)?

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I feel like such a geezer. It's taken me no less than an eternity to haul my domain online, let alone remember how to install a handful of scripts. But I'm making it, finally. To be honest, I am a bit surprised at my knowledge lapse. Suppose it has been a long while since I had the need to tweak anything of that sort. Agh, no matter.

Plenty to jaw about, but little interest to do so momentarily. I'm just reveling in this miniature triumph.

And yes, speaking of triumphs... quite happy that I've got eqfate up just in time for blogging about the Olympics. I'm very much looking forward to them this year, for some reason. Something about the controversy just makes it more... alluring (which is what they want, of course). It'll be an interesting study, at least.

Well, spectactiful. Off to tweak some more.

Comment Prompt Olympics? You exhibiting any interest?

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Wow. I'm beyond surprised that I actually manged to get my domain back online and working. However, it did indeed happen, and I've no reason to complain.

Yes, anyway.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Reflecting, really... but, planning, too. I dislike trying to pin anything down, but in this case, it's a necessary evil. For far too long I've been living in what I'd like to consider a bubble. Isolation from realization. Too many problems, emotional attachments, disagreements... I've let it all take me down. I've tried not to complain. I've let it... disregard my existence; my need to be me.

Not that I've lied all this time. I've just... turned a blind eye to the truth. And the truth is... I can't keep living like this. Where I just keep expecting things will go my way; how I've somehow managed to convince myself that it will all be better in the morning. It won't -- at least, not until I do something about it.

I'm just not using my time wisely. I'm not taking it seriously enough -- or if I am being serious, then I need to keep trying. Each day is my opportunity -- my moment. ...But I've just yet to seize it. Why?

...The ultimate question for me right now.

Ah, anyway. Enough of that -- I apologize.

In other news, bidding on some glasses just like good ol' HRG on eBay. Additionally, I'm trying my hand at some tabs from Yuma -- Marco Beltrami's score is just absolutely amazing.

I need to view it again soon.

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[I'm Haru!] Which Avatar character are you?

Hah, wow... I'm so far behind on the series, I've no clue who that is. Weeo. But, at least the MBTI type is spot-on. 8D

Ah, and after many a financial problem, my domain is finally back on board. Additionally, I'm apparently so damn rich (an extra $5 this month -- I'm clearly rolling in it), that I actually, finally managed to obtain a paid account on DeviantArt. Rejoice with me.

...Wasn't that splendid? Now only if I'll actually start *drawing* again. That was the whole point of spoiling myself like that.

Will post again quite soon. Because that's part of the deal. No posts, no domain, no self-inflicted glory.

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Delays, delays. I'll spare you the excuses. I know. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I've amped up my web management arsenal with a few extra tools as of late.

- Firefox's ScribeFire extention = lovely blogging bliss.

...Okay, so I suppose that's it. But still, it thrills me.

I've got a somewhat eventful schedule planned for this next week, but it's needless to mention that I'll be back soon enough.

Soon enough is probably two years from now, but... I don't care.

I'll aim for next Tuesday. Sound fair? Righto.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Fargh... where have I been, where have I been?

...And that's just today. Hurrah.

Ah, anyway. Some of the various other reasons from the computer and I going our separate ways temporarily include:

Writing - Drawing - Paranormal Research - Screenwriting / filmmaking - Dog - More cleaning - Excessive yet unproductive Thanksgiving plannings - Money - Having no money - Shopping - Shopping with no money - Theft - Lying - Spiders - Leaks - Small Bandages - Sewing - Origami - Lost Remote - Found Remote - Culinary Attempts and Failures - Scrubbing - Filling Loose - Filling Gone - New Filling - Homo sapiens - Telephones - Electricity - Spies

And, of course... zombies.

I'm actually posting more tomorrow. Period.

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Steering, that is.

After many a procrastinative year or so, I'm finally going to start working on driving lessons again. For the record, I'm still ancient at eighteen and a half, but it just kills me seeing the bug-eyed children of tomorrow almost blindly running me over as I attempt to cross the road on a daily basis.

So, yes -- I finally need to get in on the action. And the tweenage pedestrian squashing carnage needs to stop.

...Makes me nervous.

Anyway, after cutting off the blog from my world for about a month or so, I'm bound determined to at least try and get a weekly post in ever so often. It isn't that hard for me, is it?

Other news includes:

- Acting. Still am. Needing new scripts. Better scripts, at that.

- Avon. I'm a rep. Why? Because I need funds. Being poor isn't as fantastic as it's cracked up to be.

- Novel is actually progressing quite well. Still am not happy enough to share with anyone, but... in due time, something's likely to emerge.

- Graphic novel: stumped. I think I'll be putting it on the backburner for a while. Want to get my...

- Artwork -- Started again. Coming slowly but surely, I'm at least taking more time to pay attention to detail. They're looking much better, but aren't being produced as easily due to present lack of creativity.

And I've still got that oddly random Welsh accent popping out of nowhere. It's scary.

I sound dumb.


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Agh, wow... I have an absolutely loaded day tomorrow. But a profoundly important one, at that -- I'm meeting with a very prominent acting manager flying in from LA. I don't want to share names, but to hopefully give an example of what kind of scale this is on -- he discovered one of the main kids from High School Musical (which I still have no clue about/somewhat loathe). Let me just stress the immense significance that this may very well play in my life and career.

It's huge.

Yes, anyway... despite that, tomorrow should be fairly easygoing.

But back to today -- I'll keep it brief.

· Went to a free eBay/online sales seminar provided by a certain scam of a company. Actually signed up for their workshop (not smelling the full scale rip-off at the time. Bad me.) Made it out alive after having a free lunch + with a $20 MP3 player and crappy subscription to a discount sales site I'd love to cancel a.s.a.p.

But, yeah... MP3 player finally? I can't complain there.

· Yuma! The arrival at last. Adored it as I expected to, yet still feel strangely crestfallen since we don't see great films like these more often. Because I need me a semi-annual fix of gory westerns.

· Again, the MP3 player. I'm insanely thrilled.

I'll chat it up later about how tomorrow goes, but don't expect too much if I'm exhausted as I suspect I'll be.

Off to work on my bloated DA inbox.

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It isn't meant to be falsely profound, but rest assured that I am sincere about it this time.

This is the start of me changing my life.

It hasn't been until just recently that I've wholeheartedly realized how important it is for me to focus and work on the most important aspect of my life: me.

I'm not trying to be egotistical by any means. But it honestly has taken my involvement with my acting to stress the importance of making your life work for you, and not just putting up with it "as is" and following along day-to-day just because you "have to".

Your "obligations" should be your own. And subsequently, they shouldn't feel like obligations. No, they shouldn't even be obligations at all. Make what you do and participate in feel worthwhile and enjoyable -- not a task.

That is at least, for starters, one of my first rules of thumb for my increasingly laid-back, enjoyable, and ultimately stress-free life.

And that, my friends, is my decidedly drawn out speech for the day. Gear up for tomorrow, and I'll see whatever else I come up with.

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